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  • Wrongway Way #1 Posted last year
    Here's the first of many new strips of "Wrongway Way." Hope you like's absolutely off its rocker.
  • Iggy 1/3/18 Posted last year
    Shut your face. You're the same person you always were. Your faults and inhibitions are still your own, so maybe you should focus more on working on fixing those faults, hm?
  • Wow...I'm alive. Posted last year
    Look, even I'M surprised. Rocket Propelled Comics has been down for a while on a long and (admittedly) uncalled-for hiatus. For a full year, I didn't post anything, feeling that I had moved on from RPC and was just too busy to keep creating content for wonderful people like you. My instincts were selfish and wrong, and for that I apologize.  As a firm New Year's resolution of mine, one that shall surely be kept, RPC will once again post weekly content for your enjoyment. If, by any chance, I do not post something for that week (because life happens), I shall make a better effort to keep you informed as to why. You really are great people, and I cannot thank you enough for your support, even over this quiet 2017 I've had. Until next time, Ignatius Plato   
  • Here's to a Happy, Healthy 2017! Posted 3 years ago
    2016 was too much for me. Hopefully everyone can get their act together this coming year. I don't expect everyone to change their ways overnight, but I do expect at least a little EFFORT to change. Anyway...Happy New Year and God Bless!
  • Thank the LORD! Posted 3 years ago
    This year's lack of strips is brought to you by school, the election, and an overall loss of faith in humanity. Regardless, things should start flowing again soon.
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